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All books $1.50 unless otherwise marked.


Allen, Steve The Talk Show Murders 1983 Dell $1.00
Back to top Buchanan, Edna Contents Under Pressure (1st Britt Montero Novel) 1999 Avon Twilight


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Campbell, Ann Wolf Tracks (Annie O'Hara & Claudius) Signet 2002 $1.00
Cannell, Dorothy Femmes Fatal 1994 Bantam $1.00

Carr, William H.A. Medical Examiner 1963 Magnum $1.00
Chandler, Raymond Killer In The Rain (fair condition) 1972 Ballantine $1.00
Clark, Mary Jane Nobody Knows 2003 St. Martin's

Clark, Carol Higgins Decked 1993 Warner
Clark, Carol Higgins Fleeced 2002 Pocket
Clark, Carol Higgins Iced 1996 Warner
Clark, Mary Higgins A Stranger Is Watching 1991 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins The Cradle Will Fall 1988 Dell
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's Little Girl 2003 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins I'll Be Seeing You 1994 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Let Me Call You Sweetheart 1996 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins The Lottery Winner (Alvirah & Willy) 1995 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Loves Music Loves To Dance 1992 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Moonlight Becomes You 1997 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Remember Me 1995 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Silent Night 1995 Pocket
Clark, Mary Higgins Stillwatch 1986 Dell
Clark, Mary Higgins You Belong To Me 1999 Pocket

Collins, Max Allan The Pearl Harbor Murders 2001 Berkley Prime Crime
Cornwell, Patricia Black Notice 2000 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia The Body Farm 1995 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia Body Of Evidence 1992 Avon
Cornwell, Patricia From Potter's Field 1996 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia Hornet's Nest 1998 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia Isle Of Dogs 2002 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct 2001 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia Portrait Of A Killer (Jack The Ripper True Crime) 2003 Berkley
Cornwell, Patricia Southern Cross 1999 Berkley

Coulter, Catherine The Cove (FBI Series) 1996 Jove
Coulter, Catherine The Edge (FBI MacDougal) 2000 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Eleventh Hour (FBI) 2003 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Hemlock Bay (6th in the FBI Series) 2002 Jove
Coulter, Catherine The Maze (FBI Series) 1998 Jove
Coulter, Catherine The Target (FBI) 1999 Jove

Cosin, Elizabeth, M. Zen and The Art Of Murder 1999 St. Martin's $1.00

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Donaldson, D.J. Blood On The Bayou 1994 Worldwide $1.00
Donaldson, D.J. New Orleans Requiem 1996 Worldwide $1.00
Donaldson, D.J.No Mardi Geas For The Dead 1995 Worldwide $1.00
Dorf, Fran Flight 1993 Signet $1.00
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat In A Diamond Dazzle (Midnight Louie) 1997 Forge

Douglas, Carole Nelson Catnap 1993 TOR

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Evanovich, Janet Two For The Dough (Stephanie Plum) 1996 Pocket
Evanovich, Janet High Five (Stephanie Plum) 2000 St. Martins
Evanovich, Janet With Charlotte Hughes Full Blast 2004 St. Martin's

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Fielding, Joy Don't Cry Now 1996 Avon $1.00
Feiffer, Jules Ackroyd (A mystery of identity) 1978 Avon $1.00

Ford, Leslie Honolulu Murders Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie Ill Met By Moonlight Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie The Simple Way Of Poison Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie Washington Whispers Murder Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie The Woman In Black 1963 Poplar $2.00
Fox, James M. The Wheel Is Fixed (Gambler) 1982 Raven House $1.00
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Gardner, Lisa The Survivors Club (is someone in the Survivors Club a murderer?) 2002 Bantam
Giroux, E.X. A Death For A Dilettante 1988 Ballantine $1.00
Giroux, E.X. A Death For A Double 1991 Ballantine $1.00
Graham, Caroline The Killings At Badger's Drift 1989 Avon $1.00

Grafton, Sue "A" Is For Alibi 1987 Bantam
Grafton, Sue "I" Is For Innocent 1991 Fawcett Crest
Grafton, Sue "J" Is For Judgment 1994 Fawcett Crest
Grafton, Sue "L" Is For Lawless 1996 Fawcett Crest
Grafton, Sue "N" Is For Noose 1999 Fawcett Crest
Grafton, Sue "O" Is For Outlaw 2001 Fawcett Crest $1.00 (Ex library book)
Grafton, Sue "P" Is For Peril 2002 Ballantine
Grafton, Sue "Q" Is For Quarry 2003 Berkley

Greeley, Andrew M. God Came1987 TOR (Ex library)
Greeley, Andrew M. Irish Lace 1997 TOR

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Hagen, Lorinda Winter Roses 1985 BMI $1.00
Hardwick, Mollie Malice Domestic 1992 Fawcett Crest $1.00
Hare, Cyril Tenant For Death 1991 Harper $1.00

Hayes, Mary Rose The Caller 1979 Pinnacle $100
Hiaasen, Carl Skin Tight 1990 Fawcett Crest

Hiaasen, Carl Stormy Weather 1996 Warner

Hoag, Tammi A Thin Dark Line 1998 Bantam
Hoag, Tammi Ashes To Ashes 2000 Bantam
Hoag, Tammi Cry Wolf 1996 Bantam
Hoag, Tami Lucky's Lady 2004 Bantam Revised Edition
Hoag, Tami Night Sins 1996 Bantam

Hooper, Kay Once A Thief 2002 Bantam
Howard, Linda Kill and Tell 2003 Pocket Star (romantic suspense)
Howard, Linda Shades Of Twilight 1996 Pocket

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Iies, Francis Malice A Forethought 1980 Perennial Library $1.00
Isaacs, Susan After All These Years 1994 Harper
Isaacs, Susan Magic Hour 1992 Harper

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Janeshutz, Trish Hidden Lake 1987 Ballantine $1.00
Johansen, Iris Dead Aim 2003 Bantam
Johansen, Iris Long After Midnight 1997 Bantam $1.00

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Kaminsky, Stuart M. A Cold Red Sunrise (Inspector Rostnikov) 1993 Ivy $1.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Blood Test 1987 Signet
Kellerman, Jonathan The Clinic (Alex Delaware) 1997 Bantam
Kellerman, Jonathan When The Bough Breaks (1st Alex Delaware Novel) 1994 Bantam

Kelman, Judith One Last Kiss 1994 Bantam
Kemelman, Harry Friday The Rabbi Slept Late (introducing Rabbi David Small) 1968 Penguin
Kemelman, Harry Tuesday The Rabbi Saw Red 1975 Fawcett Crest
Kemelman, Harry Sunday The Rabbi Stayed Home 1969 Fawcett Crest
Kemelman, Harry Saturday The Rabbi Went Hungry 1967 Fawcett Crest
Kemelman, Harry The Day The Rabbi Left Town 1997 Fawcett Crest

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Lewin, Jackie Murder Flies Leaft Seat 2000 Worldwide $1.00
Livingston, Nancy Death In A Distance Land (G.D.H. Pringle) 1994 Worldwide $1.00
Logue, John Murder On The Links (Morris & Sullivan) 1996 Dell $1.00
Lovesey, Peter The False Inspector Dew 1982 Arrow Books $1.00

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MacDonald, John D. April Evil 1956 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00
MacDonald, John D. A Tan and Sandy Silence (#13 Travis McGee) 1972 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00 (Pages tanning)
MacDonald, John D. Cinnamon Skin 1983 $2.00
MacDonald, John D. The Green Ripper (Travis McGree) 1980 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00
MacDonald, John D. The Lonely Silver Rain 1986 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00
MacDonald, John D. One Fearful Yellow Eye (Travis McGee) 1982 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00
MacDonald, John D. The Scarlet Ruse (#14 Travis McGee) 1973 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00

MacDonald, Ross The Wycherly Woman 1973 Bantam

McCafferty, Jeanne Star Gazer (MacKenzie Griffin) 1996 Worldwide $1.00
Meyer, Charles The Saints Of God Murders (Rev. Lucas Holt) 1995 Berkley Prime Crime $1.00
Mosley, Walter Fearless Jones 2002 Warner Vision
Munnings, Clare Overnight Float (Jill Ker Conway & Elizabeth Kennan) Rosemary Stubbs 2001 Penguin $1.00

Myers, Tamar A Penny Urned 2000 Avon
Myers, Tamar Estate Of Mind (Den Of Antiquity) 1999 Avon
Myers, Tamar Too Many Crooks Spoil The Broth (Penn Dutch Mystery with Recipes) 1995 Signet

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Nickolae, Barbara Ties That Bind 1993 Berkley $1.00

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Padgett, AbigailStrawgirl 1995 Mystery Press $1.00
Page, Emma Final Moments 1988 Worldwide $1.00
Paretsky, Sara Hard Time (V.I. Warshawski) 2000 Dell
Pentecost, Hugh Murder In High Places (Pierre Chambrun) 1992 Worldwide $1.00

Perry, Anne The Cater Street Hangman (Victorian Mystery) 1990 Fawcett Crest
Perry, Anne Slaves Of Obsession (William Monk Victorian) 2001 Ballantine/Fawcett

Pike, Christopher Master Of Murder-He Wrote His Own Murder 1992 Archway
Porath, Sharon Secret Friend 1992 Zebra $1.00
Price, Anthony The '44 Vintage 1988 Mystery Press $1.00

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Quinn, Patrick Thick As Thieves 1996 Berkley $2.00

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Rinehart, Mary Roberts Alibi For Isabel 1970 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Bat 1959 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Case Of Jennie Brice 1965 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The State vs. Elinor Norton 1968 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Swimming Pool 1952 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Window At The White Cat 1961 Dell $2.00

Rigsby, Howard Calliope Reef 1967 Dell $2.00
Ripley, Ann Death Of A Garden Pest (Gardening Mystery) 1997 Bantam $1.00
Robb, Candace The King's Bishop (Owen Archer Mystery) 1997 St. Matrin's Prime Crime $1.00

Roberts, Nora Brazen Virtue 2002 Bantam
Roberts, Nora Midnight Club 2002 Jove
Roe, C.F. A Fiery Hint Of Murder (Dr. Jean Montrose Mediacl Sleuth) 1993 Signet $1.00
Robinson, Lynda S. Murder At The Feast Of Rejoicing 1997 Ballantine $1.00
Roosevelt, Elliott Murder In The Blue Room 1992 Avon $1.00
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Shannon, Dell Exploit Of Death (Luis Mendoza) 1991 Worldwide $1.00
Shannon, Dell Schooled To Kill 1971 Pyramid $1.00
Simmons, Mary Kay The Hermitage 1970 Dell $1.00
Simons, Paullina Red Leaves 1997 St. Martin's $1.00
Smith, Tima Don't Look Down 1996 Ballantine $1.00
Sparks, Nicholas A Bend In The Road (North Carolina) 2002 Warner
Spillane, Mickey The Killing Man 1990 Signet $2.00
Sprague, Gretchen Maquette For Murder (Martha Patterson) 2001 Worldwide $1.00
Sprinkle, Patricia Houck Somebody's Dead In Snellville 1994 Worldwide $1.00
Stout, Rex The Leauge Of Frightened Men (Nero Wolfe) 1972 Pyramid $2.00
Stout, Rex The Mother Hunt (Nero Wolfe) 1975 Bantam $2.00

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Taylor, Phoebe Atwood The Mystery Of The Cape Cod Tavern (Asey Mayo Mystery) 1985 Foul Play Press $1.00
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood Sandbar Sinister (Asey Mayo Mystery) 1971 Pyramid Easy Read Larger Type $1.00
Thomas, Leslie Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective (Murder Link) 1982 Dell $1.00

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Wainscott, Tina I'll Be Watching You (Florida Everglades) 2003 St. Martin's
Walker, Mary Willis Under The Beetle's Cellar 1996 Bantam $1.00
Walters, Minette The Echo 1998 Jove $1.00
Walters, Minette The Ice House 1992 St. Martin's $1.00
Walters, Minette The Scold's Bridle 1995 St. Martin's $1.00
Woods, Sara Though I Know She Lies 1980 Raven House $1.00
Wren, M.K. Nothing's Certain But Death 1989 Ballantine

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Yeager, Dorian Eviction By Death (Victoria Bowering) 1995 Worldwide $1.00

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Zimmweman, Bruce Crimson Green (Quinn Parker) 1995 Harper $1.00

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