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Ablow, Keith Denial 1997 St. Martin's $2.25
Adler, Elizabeth The Rich Shall Inherit 1989 Dell $1.75
Adler, Warren Random Hearts 1999 Ballantine $2.25
Albert, Susan Wittig Mistletoe Man (China Bayles) 2001 Berkley $2.25
Allen, Steve The Talk Show Murders 1983 Dell $1.50
Anderson, Linda The Secrets Of Sade Maynard 1999 Pocket $2.00
Ashbaugh, Regan C. In The Red 2000 Pocket $2.25

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Babson, Marian Reel Murder 1988 Bantam $1.00
Barron, Ann Strange Legacy 1969 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.00
Beaty, Elizabeth The Jupiter Missle Mystery (Cape Canaveral) 1964 Mystery House $2.00
Benke, Patricia D. Guilty By Choice 1995 Avon $1.75

Block, Lawrence The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian 1999 Signet $2.25
Brown, Sandra The Alibi 2000 Warner $2.50
Brown, Sandra Exclusive 1997 Warner $2.25
Brown, Sandra Unspeakable 1999 Warner $2.50
Brown, Sandra The Witness 1996 Warner $2.25

Brown, Rosellen Before and After 1992 Dell $2.00

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Campbell, Ann Wolf Tracks (Annie O'Hara & Claudius) Signet 2002 $2.00
Cannell, Dorothy Femmes Fatal 1994 Bantam $1.75

Carr, William H.A. Medical Examiner 1963 Magnum $2.00
Christie, Agatha A Caribbean Mystery (Jane Marple) Pocket $1.50
Christie, Agatha A Pocket Full Of Rye (Miss Marple) 1963 Pocket $2.00
Christie, Agatha By The Pricking Of MyThumbs Pocket $1.00
Christie, Agatha Cat Among The Pigeons 1961 Dell $2.00
Christie, Agatha Cards On The Table (Hercule Poirot) 1984 Berkley $1.50
Christie, Agatha The Clocks (Hercule Poirot) 1970 Pocket $1.00
Christie, Agatha Curtain (Hercule Poirot Lase Case) 1976 $1.00
Christie, Agatha Dead Man's Mirror (Hercule Poirot) 1984 $1.50
Christie, Agatha Death On The Nile 1963 Bantam $1.50
Christie, Agatha Evil Under The Sun (Hercule Poirot) Pocket $1.50
Christie, Agatha Miss Marple's Final Case 1979 Fontana $1.50
Christie, Agatha The Moving Finger 1976 Dell $1.50
Christie, Agatha The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot) 1973 Pocket $1.50
Christie, Agatha Murder In Retrospect (Hercule Poirot) 1974 Dell $1.50
Christie, Agatha Murder Is Announced 1964 Pocket $2.00
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair At Styles (Hercule Poirot's 1st Case) 1981 Bantam $1.50
Christie, Agatha Nemesis 1973 Pocket $1.50
Christie, Agatha Remembered Death 1964 Pocket $2.00
Christie, Agatha Sad Cypress (Hercule Poirot Mystery) 1963 Dell $2.00
Christie, Agatha So Many Steps To Death 1970 Pocket $1.50
Christie, Agatha They Came To Bagdad 2002 St. Martin's $2.00
Christie, Agatha Thirteen At Dinner (Hercule Poirot) 1984 Berkley $1.25
Christie, Agatha The Under Dog & Other Stories (Hercule Poirot) 1965 $2.00

Clark, Carol Higgins Decked 1993 Warner $1.75
Clark, Mary Higgins The Anastasia Syndrome 1991 Pocket $2.25
Clark, Mary Higgins All Around The Town 1993 Pocket $2.00
Clark, Mary Higgins Before I Say Good-Bye 2001 Pocket $2.00
Clark, Mary Higgins The Cradle Will Fall 1988 Dell $2.00
Clark, Mary Higgins I'll Be Seeing You 1994 Pocket $2.00
Clark, Mary Higgins Let Me Call You Sweetheart 1996 Pocket $2.25
Clark, Mary Higgins The Lottery Winner (Alvirah & Willy) 1995 Pocket $2.25
Clark, Mary Higgins Loves Music Loves To Dance 1992 Pocket $2.50
Clark, Mary Higgins Moonlight Becomes You 1997 Pocket $2.50
Clark, Mary Higgins Weep No More My Lady 1998 Pocket $2.50
Clark, Mary Higgins While My Pretty One Sleeps 1990 Pocket $2.00

Coburn, Andrew No Way Home 1993 Signet $1.75
Coben, Harlan The Final Detail 2000 Dell $2.25

Colby, Robert The Star Trap Priority Books $2.00
Cornwell, Patricia The Body Farm 1995 Berkley $2.25
Cornwell, Patricia From Potter's Field 1996 Berkley $2.25
Cornwell, Patricia Isle Of Dogs 2002 Berkley $2.50

Coulter, Catherine The Edge (MacDougal) 2000 Jove $2.50
Coulter, Catherine False Pretenses 1989 Onyx $1.50
Coulter, Catherine The Target 1999 Jove $2.25

Cosin, Elizabeth, M. Zen and The Art Of Murder 1999 St. Martin's $2.00

Coxe, George Harmon The Inside Man 1975 Manor $1.50
Craig, Alisa (Charlotte MacLeod) The Grub and Stakers Pinch A Poke 1988 Avon $1.00
Craig, Alisa (Charlotte MacLeod) Something The Cat Dragged In 1984 Avon $1.00

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Davis, Dorothy Salisbury Where The Dark Streets Go 1975 Bantam $1.50
Deaver, Jeffery Shallow Graves 2000 Pocket $2.25
Donaldson, D.J.No Mardi Geas For The Dead 1995 Worldwide $1.25
Dorf, Fran Flight 1993 Signet $1.75
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat In A Diamond Dazzle (Midnight Louie) 1997 Forge $2.25

Douglas, Carole Nelson Catnap 1993 TOR $1.75
Douglas, Carole Nelson Pussyfoot 1994 TOR $1.75

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Eberhart, Mignon G. The Cup The Blade or The Gun 1961 Poplar $2.00
Eberhart, Mignon G. Five Passengers From Lisbon Poplar $2.00
Eberhart, Mignon G. Postmark Murder Poplar $2.00

Erskine, Margaret No. 9 Belmont Square 1963 Ace Star $2.00

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Fair, A.A. Some Slips Don't Show (Erle Stanley Gardner) 1964 Pocket $2.00
Fielding, Joy Don't Cry Now 1996 Avon $2.25

Flynn, Jay McHugh 1959 Uni Book $2.00
Ford, Leslie Honolulu Murders Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie Ill Met By Moonlight Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie The Simple Way Of Poison Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie Washington Whispers Murder Poplar $2.00
Ford, Leslie The Woman In Black 1963 Poplar $2.00
Fox, James M. The Wheel Is Fixed (Gambler) 1982 Raven House $1.50 Frazer, Robert Caine Mark Kilby Stands Alone 1962 Pocket $2.00

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Gadol, Peter The Long Rain 1998 St. Martin's $2.25
Gatenby, Rosemary The Fugitive Affair 1978 Jove $1.50
George, Anne Murder Carries A Torch 2001 Avon $2.00
Gilbert, Anthony The Voice 1971 Beagle $1.50
Giroux, E.X. A Death For A Dilettante 1988 Ballantine $1.00
Giroux, E.X. A Death For A Double 1991 Ballantine $1.25
Goldthwaite, Eaton K. Date With Death 1947 Bantam (Fair Condition) $2.00
Graham, Caroline The Killings At Badger's Drift 1989 Avon $1.00
Grafton, Sue "J" Is For Judgment 1994 Fawcett Crest $2.00
Grafton, Sue "L" Is For Lawless 1996 Fawcett Crest $2.25
Grimes, Martha The Horse You Came In On 1994 Ballantine $2.00
Grimes, Martha The Old Silent 1990 Dell $1.25

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Hagen, Lorinda Winter Roses 1985 BMI $1.25
Hardwick, Mollie Malice Domestic 1992 Fawcett Crest $1.25
Hare, Cyril Tenant For Death 1991 Harper $2.00

Hart, Carolyn G. A Little Class On Murder 1989 Bantam $1.25
Hart, Carolyn G. The Christie Caper 1992 Bantam $1.75
Hart, Carolyn G. Death On The River Walk (Henrie O) 2000 Avon $2.00 Hillerman, Tony Coyote Waits 1992 Harper $2.00
Hillerman, Tony Dance Hall Of The Dead 1990 Harper $2.00
Hillerman, Tony The Fallen Man 1997 Harper $2.25
Hillerman, Tony The Fly On The Wall 1990 Harper $2.00
Hillerman, Tony The Ghostway 1992 Harper $2.00
Hillerman, Tony People Of Darkness 1991 Harper $2.00
Hillerman, Tony Sacred Clowns 1994 Harper $2.25
Hillerman, Tony Talking God 1991 Harper $2.00

Hoag, Tammi A Thin Dark Line 1998 Bantam $2.50
Hoag, Tammi Ashes To Ashes 2000 Bantam $2.50
Hoag, Tammi Cry Wolf 1996 Bantam $2.00
Hoag, Tami Lucky's Lady 2004 Bantam Revised Edition $2.50
Hoag, Tami Night Sins 1996 Bantam $2.25

Holton, Leonard The Saint Maker 1961 Dell $2.00
Hooper, Kay Once A Thief 2002 Bantam $2.25

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Isaacs, Susan Magic Hour 1992 Harper $2.00

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Janeshutz, Trish Hidden Lake 1987 Ballantine $1.00
Johansen, Iris Long After Midnight 1997 Bantam $2.25

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Kaminsky, Stuart M. A Cold Red Sunrise (Inspector Rostnikov) 1993 Ivy $1.75
Kane, Henry A Corpse For Christmas (Peter Chambers) 1951 Dell $2.00
Kane, Henry To Die or Not To Die 1974 Belmont Tower $2.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Blood Test 1987 Signet $1.50
Kellerman, Jonathan The Clinic (Alex Delaware) 1997 Bantam $2.25
Kellerman, Jonathan Private Eyes (Alex Delaware) 1992 Bantam $2.00
Kellerman, Jonathan Survival Of The Fittest (Alex Delaware) 1998 Bantam $2.25
Kellerman, Jonathan The Web (Alex Delaware) 1996 Bantam $2.00
Kellerman, Jonathan When The Bough Breaks (1st Alex Delaware Novel) 1994 Bantam $2.00

Kemelman, Harry Thursday The Rabbi Walked Out 1978 Fawcett Crest $1.00

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Leslie, Jean The Man Who Held Five Aces 1950 Pocket $2.00
Lester, Teri The Ouija Board 1969 Large Type Signet $1.00
Levon, Fred The Manx Cat 1971 Signet $1.50
Lewin, Jackie Murder Flies Leaft Seat 2000 Worldwide $2.00
Livingston, Nancy Death In A Distance Land (G.D.H. Pringle) 1994 Worldwide $1.25
Logue, John Murder On The Links (Morris & Sullivan) 1996 Dell $1.75

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MacDonald, John D. April Evil 1956 Fawcett Gold Medal $3.00
MacDonald, John D. A Tan and Sandy Silence (#13 Travis McGee) 1972 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.50 (Pages tanning)
MacDonald, John D. The Green Ripper (Travis McGree) 1980 Fwacett Gold Medal $3.00
MacDonald, John D. The Lonely Silver Rain 1986 Fawcett Gold Medal $3.00
MacDonald, John D. One Fearful Yellow Eye (Travis McGee) 1982 Fawcett Gold Medal $2.50
MacDonald, John D. The Scarlet Ruse (#14 Travis McGee) 1973 Fawcett Gold Medal $3.00

McCafferty, Jeanne Star Gazer (MacKenzie Griffin) 1996 Worldwide $1.75
McInerny, Ralph Desert Sinner (Father Dowling) 1994 Worldwide $1.25
Mitcheltree, Tom Katie's Will 1999 Worldwide $1.75
Munnings, Clare Overnight Float (Jill Ker Conway & Elizabeth Kennan) Rosemary Stubbs 2001 Penguin $2.00

Myers, Tamar A Penny Urned 2000 Avon $2.00
Myers, Tamar Estate Of Mind (Den Of Antiquity) 1999 Avon $2.00
Myers, Tamar Too Many Crooks Spoil The Broth (Penn Dutch Mystery with Recipes) 1995 Signet $1.75

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Nickolae, Barbara Ties That Bind 1993 Berkley $1.75

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Padgett, AbigailStrawgirl 1995 Mystery Press $1.75
Page, Emma Final Moments 1988 Worldwide $1.00
Pentecost, Hugh Murder In High Places (Pierre Chambrun) 1992 Worldwide $1.50
Pentecost, Hugh The Obituary Club 1960 Dell $2.00

Perry, Anne The Cater Street Hangman (Victorian Mystery) 1990 Fawcett Crest $1.75
Perry, Anne Malice Domestic 1997 Pocket $2.00
Perry, Anne Slaves Of Obsession (William Monk Victorian) 2001 Ballantine/Fawcett $2.25

Peters, Elizabeth Summer Of The Dragon 1989 TOR $1.75
Porath, Sharon Secret Friend 1992 Zebra $1.50
Price, Anthony The '44 Vintage 1988 Mystery Press $1.75

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Q., John The Survivor (Peter Trees) 1965 Avon $2.00
Queen, Ellery The Finishing Stroke 1967 Signet $2.00
Quinn, Patrick Thick As Thieves 1996 Berkley $2.00

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Rendell, Ruth A Sleeping Lie (Inspector Wexford) 1980 Bantam $1.50
Rendell, Ruth Master Of The Moon 1983 Ballantine $1.50
Rendell, Ruth Wolf To The Slaughter (Inspector Wexford) Ballantine $2.00
Reynolds, James Ghosts In American Houses 1971 Paperback Library $1.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The After House 1965 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Frightened Wife 1971 Dell $1.50
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The State vs. Elinor Norton 1968 Dell $2.00
Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Wall 1968 Dell $2.00
Rigsby, Howard Calliope Reef 1967 Dell $2.00
Ripley, Ann Death Of A Garden Pest (Gardening Mystery) 1997 Bantam $2.00
Robinson, Lynda S. Murder At The Feast Of Rejoicing 1997 Ballantine $2.00
Roosevelt, Elliott Murder In The Blue Room 1992 Avon $1.75
Russell, Richard Reunion 1979 Belmont Tower $1.50

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Saylor, StevenA Murder On The Appian Way (Mystery Of Ancient Rome) 1997 St. Martin's $2.00
Seeley, Mabel The Crying Sisters 1963 Pyramid $2.00
Shannon, Dell Exploit Of Death (Luis Mendoza) 1991 Worldwide $1.50
Shannon, Dell Schooled To Kill 1971 Pyramid $1.50
Sheckley, Robert Dead Run 1961 Bantam $2.00
Simmons, Mary Kay The Hermitage 1970 Dell $1.50
Simons, Paullina Red Leaves 1997 St. Martin's $2.25
Smith, Tima Don't Look Down 1996 Ballantine $1.75
Spillane, Mickey The Big Kill (Mike Hammer) 1951 Signet $2.00
Spillane, Mickey The Killing Man 1990 Signet $1.75
Spillane, Mickey One Lonely Night (Mike Hammer) 1962 Sigent $2.00
Sprague, Gretchen Maquette For Murder (Martha Patterson) 2001 Worldwide $2.00
Sprinkle, Patricia Houck Somebody's Dead In Snellville 1994 Worldwide $1.25
Stout, Rex The Leauge Of Frightened Men (Nero Wolfe) 1972 Pyramid $2.00
Stout, Rex The Mother Hunt (Nero Wolfe) 1975 Bantam $2.00

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Temple, Lou Jane Revenge Of The Barbeque Queens (A Culinary Mystery) 1997 St. Martin's $2.00
Thomas, Leslie Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective (Murder Link) 1982 Dell $1.00
Truman, Margaret Murder At The National Gallery 1997 Fawcett Crest $2.25

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Walker, Mary Willis Under The Beetle's Cellar 1996 Bantam $2.00
Walters, Minette The Echo 1998 Jove $2.25
Walters, Minette The Ice House 1992 St. Martin's $2.00
Walters, Minette The Scold's Bridle 1995 St. Martin's $2.00
Welty, Eudora The Ponder Heart 1954 Dell $2.00
White, Stephen Manner Of Death 2000 Signet $2.25
Woods, Sara Though I Know She Lies 1980 Raven House $1.25

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Yarbro, C.Q. Bad Medicine (#2 Charlie Moon) 1990 Jove $1.25
Yarbro, C.Q. False Notes (#2 Charlie Moon) 1991 Jove $1.50
Yarbro, C.Q. Poison Fruit (#3 Charlie Moon) 1991 Jove $1.25
Yarbro, C.Q. Cat's Claw (#4 Charlie Moon) 1992 Jove $1.25

Yeager, Dorian Eviction By Death (Victoria Bowering) 1995 Worldwide $1.25

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