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All books $1.50 unless otherwise marked.


Arnold, Judith Love In Bloom's 2002 MIRA
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Binchy, Maeve Evening Class 1998 Dell
Binchy, Maeve Firefly Summer 1989 Dell
Binchy, Maeve Silver Wedding 1990 Dell

Boswell, Barbara Red Velvet 1995 Jove

Brockmann, Suzanne Body Guard 1999 Fawcett Gold Medal
Brockmann, Suzanne Forever Blue 1996 MIRA
Brockmann, Suzanne Gone Too Far 2004 Ballantine
Brockmann, Suzanne Heart Throb 2004 Ballantine

Brown, Sandra Above & Beyond 1986 MIRA
Brown, Sandra Best Kept Secrets 1989 Warner
Brown, Sandra Eloquent Silence 1995 Warner
Brown, Sandra Led Astray 1992 Silhouette Books
Brown, Sandra Long Time Coming 1993 Bantam
Brown, Sandra Love's Encore 1997 Warner
Brown, Sandra Riley In The Morning 2001 Bantam
Brown, Sandra The Silken Web 1993 Warner
Brown, Sandra Sunset Embrace 2001 Warner
Brown, Sandra Texas Sage 1992 Bantam
Brown, Sandra Tomorrow's Promise 1983 MIRA
Brown, Sandra Tidings Of Great Joy 1999 Bantam
Brown, Sandra Two Alone 1987 MIRA

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Castle, Jayne Amaryllis 1996 Pocket
Copeland, Lori 2 in 1 Out Of This World & Forever After 1994 Love Spell
Copeland, Lori 2 in 1 When Lightning Striks & Tale Of Love 1995 Love Spell
Coulter, Catherine Afterglow 1987 MIRA
Coulter, Catherine Aftershocks 1985 MIRA
Coulter, Catherine The Aristocrat 1986 MIRA
Coulter, Catherine Night Storm (conclusion Night trilogy) 1990 Avon

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Dailey, Janet A Capital Holiday 2001 Zebra
Dailey, Janet Aspen Gold 1992 Little Brown
Dailey, Janet This Calder Sky (Vol. 3 Calder Saga) Pocket 1981
Dailey, Janet Calder Born Calder Bred (Vol. 4 Calder Saga) 1984 Pocket
Dailey, Janet The Glory Game 1986 Pocket
Dailey, Janet The Ivory Game 1989 Harlequin
Dailey, Janet The Lancaster Man 1981 Harlequin
Dailey, Janet The Second Time 1982 Harlequin
Dailey, Janet Leftover Love 1984 Harlequin Books
Dailey, Janet Mistletoe & Holly Pocket
Dailey, Janet Silver Wings Santiago Blue 1985 Pocket

Delinsky, Barbara Facets 1990 Warner
Delinsky, BarbaraMore Than Friends 1993 Harper

Dennis, Stacey Full Bloom 1994 Zebra
Deveraux, Jude A Knight In Shining Armor 1990 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude An Angel For Emily 1998 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude The Heiress 1995 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude High Tide 1999 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude The Invitation 1994 Pocket Star
Deveraux, Jude The Maiden 1988 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude Mountain Laurel 1991 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude The Mulberry Tree 2003 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude Sweet Liar 1993 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude The Velvet Promise 1981 Pocket

Devlin, Vida Dangerous Waters 1997 Moonlight Romances $1.00
Drake, Shannon Beneath A Blood Red Moon (suspense) 1999 Zebra

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Gidel, Daranna Ceremony Of Innocence 1992 Onyx $1.00
Gage, Elizabeth Confession 1998 MIRA $1.00

Garwood, Julie Castles 1993 Pocket
Garwood, Julie The Lion's Lady 1988 Pocket
Garwood, Julie Prince Charming 1995 Pocket
Garwood, Julie Saving Grace 1993 Pocket

Goldsmith, Olivia Switcheroo 1999 Harper
Goldsmith, Olivia Young Wives 2000 Harper Torch
Goudge, Eileen Garden Of Lies 1990 Signet
Greeley, Andrew M. Love Song 1989 Warner
Greeley, Andrew M. Rite Of Spring 1988 Warner 5

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Harrison, Barbara Impulse 1987 Zebra
Hannah, Kristin Home Again 1996 Fawcett Crest

Howard, Linda All That Glitters 1982 MIRA
Howard, Linda Dream Man 1995 Pocket
Howard, Linda Open Season 2002 Pocket
Howard, Linda Son Of The Morning 1997 Pocket
Howard, Linda White Lies 1988 MIRA

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Isaacs, Susan Shinning Through 1989 Ballantine
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Jordan, Penny Power Play 1990 Harlequin

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Krentz, Jayne Ann The Adventurer 1990 MIRA
Krentz, Jayne Ann The Gift Of Fire 1993 Warner
Krentz, Jayne Ann Midnight Jewels 1992 Warner
Krentz, Jayne Ann Lady's Choice 1989 MIRA

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Lanigan, Catherine The Ledgend Makers 1999 MIRA

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Macomber, Debbie Angels Everywhere 2002 Avon
Macomber, Debbie Midnight Sons Vol. 1 Mail Order Marriages 2000 Harlequin
Macomber, Debbie Midnight Sons Vol. 2 Family Men 2000 Harlequin
Macomber, Debbie Orchard Valley Wedding Valerie, Stephanie, Norah (3 complete novels) 1997 Harlequin
Macomber, Debbie The Playboy and the Widow (Washington) 1988 MIRA
Macomber, Debbie Shadow Chasing (Mexico) 1986 MIRA
Macomber, Debbie Three Brides No Groom 1997 Silhouette

Martin, Kat Midnight Sun 2003 Zebra Suspense
Martin, Kat The Silent Rose (Autographed copy) 1999 Zebra
Mather, Ann Stormspell 1982 Worldwide
Mathews, Patricia Mirrors 1988 Worldwide
McNaught, Judith Once and Always 1987 Pocket
McNaught, Judith Paradise 1992 Pocket
Michaels, Judith Possessions 1985 Pocket

Miller, Linda Lael Courting Susannah 2000 Pocket Star
Miller, Linda Lael State Secrets 1985 MIRA

Miller, Linda Lael The Women Of Primrose Creek Bridget 2000 Sonnet

Mortimer, Carole Gypsy 1985 Harlequin
Mortimer, Carole Merlyn's Magic 1986 Harlequin
Mortimer, Carole Secret Passion 1987 Harlequin
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Ogilvie, Elisabeth Storm Tide 1975 Avon
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Palmer, Diane Once In Paris 1998 MIRA

Plaon, Belva Legacy Of Silence 1999 Dell
Pozzessere, Heather Graham Bride Of The Tiger 1987 MIRA
Pozzessere, Heather Graham Eyes Of Fire 1995 MIRA Pozzessere, Heather Graham Never Sleep With Strangers 1998 MIRA
Pozzessere, Heather Graham Slow Burn 1994 MIRA

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Richards, Emilie Whiskey Island 2000 MIRA
Roberts, Nora Finding A Dream (Conclusion Dream Trilogy) 1997 Jove
Roberts, Nora Irish Hearts (2 in 1 Irish Thoroughbred & Irish Rose) 2000 Silhouette Books
Roberts, Nora Irish Rebel (Silhouette Special Edition #1328) 2000
Roberts, Nora The MacGregor Grooms 1998 Silhouette Books
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors Alan & Grant 1999 Slihouette Books
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors Daniel & Ian 1999 Silhouette Books
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors Serena & Caine 1998 Silhouette Books
Roberts, Nora Once Upon A Kiss (Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan & Marianne Willman) 2002 Jove
Roberts, Nora Refections and Dreams (Characters from Considering Kate) 2001 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora The Stanislaski Brothers Mikhail & Alex 2000 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora The Stanislaski Sisters Natasha & Rachel 2001 Silhouette

Roberts, Nora Summer Pleasures 2002 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora Temptation 1987 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora Time and Again 2 in 1 Volume Time Was & Times Change 2001 Sihouette Books
Roberts, Nora Truly Madly Manhattan 2003 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora Winner Take All 2004 Silhouette
Roberts, Nora With Open Arms 2004 Silhouette

Rogers, Rosemary Lost Love Last Love 1980 Avon
Rogers, Rosemary Wicked Loving Lies 1976 Avon
Rolofson, Kristine Boots and Booties 2000 Harlequin
Ross, JoAnn Gerritsen, Tess Diamond, Jacqueline Temperature Rising 1994 Harlequin

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Shayne, Maggie Destiny 2001 Jove

Spencer, LaVyrle Bygones 1992 Jove
Spencer, LaVyrle Forgiving 1992 Jove
Stone, Katherine Pearl Moon 1996 Fawcett Crest
Sutcliffe, Katherine Bad Moon Rising (romantic suspense) 2003 Jove

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Tronstad, Janet A Hero For Dry Creek 2003 Love Inspired (inspirational) Back to top


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Weale, Anne Summer's Awakening 1984 Worldwide

Whitney, Phyllis A. Feather On The Moon 1989 Fawcett Crest
Whitney, Phyllis A. Flaming Tree 1987 Fawcett Crest
Whitney, Phyllis A. Poinciana 1981 Fawcett Crest
Whitney, Phyllis A. Woman Without A Past 1992 Fawcett Crest

Wiggs, Susan Hutchinson, Bobby Young, Karen Merry Christmas Baby 1996 Harlequin

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