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All books $1.50 unless otherwise marked.


Allen, Charlotte Vale Time Steps (Golden Age Of Hollywood) 1987 Berkley
Alsobrook, Rosalyn Wild Western Bride 1990 Zebra

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Baker, Madeline The Angel and The Outlaw (Western) 1996 Leisure
Baker, Madeline Apache Runaway 1998 Leisure
Baker, Madeline Spirit's Song (Indian) 1999 Leisure
Baker, Madeline Under A Prairie Moon (Indian) 1998 Leisure

Bale, Karen A. Apache's Angel (Indian) 1992 Zebra
Bale, Karen A. Bold Montana Bride 1991 Zebra

Bittner, Roseanne Arizona Ecstasy 1989 Zebra
Bittner, Roseanne Savage Destiny Embrace The Wild Land 1984 Zebra
Bittner, Roseanne Savage Desire 1996 Zebra $1.00 (Ex library)
Bittner, Roseanne Song Of Wolf 1992 Bantam
Bittner, Roseanne Sweet Mountain Magic 1990 Zebra
Bittner, Roseanne Unforgettable 1994 Zebra Historical Romance

Bonner, Cindy Lily A Love Story (Texas western) 1994 Onyx
Brady, Taylor The Kincaids Book #1 Raging Rivers 1992 Avon
Brady, Taylor The Kincaids #2 Prairie Thunder 1993 Avon
Brandewyne, Rebecca The Jacaranda Tree (England) 1995 Warner
Brown, Sandra Another Dawn (Texas western) 1993 Warner
Byron, Eve Deceive Me Not (British) 1997 Avon

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Carey, Diane After The Torchlight (Scotland) 1986 Signet
Ciague, Maryhelen Sandenny (England) 1986 Charter
Clearly, Gwen Tender Heart (Western) 1994 Zebra Lovegram
Copeland, Lori Avenging Angel (Western) 1988 Dell
Copeland, Lori Forever Ashley (Yankee meddling in revolutionary affairs) 1992 Dell

Coulter, Catherine The Countess (Regency) 1999 Signet
Coulter, Catherine The Duke (Regency 19th Century Scotland) 1995 Topaz
Coulter, Catherine Devil's Embrace (Georgian Earl of Clare) 2000 Signet
Coulter, Catherine Earth Song (Midieval) 1990 Onyx
Coulter, Catherine The Heir (Regency Earl of Stafford) 1996 Topaz
Coulter, Catherine Jade Star (Victorian) 1986 Onyx
Coulter, Catherine Lord Harry (Regency) 1995 Topaz
Coulter, Catherine Lord Of Hawkfell Island (Viking Warrior) 1993 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Lord Of Raven's Peak (Viking Warrior) 1994 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Mad Jack (1811 London) 1999 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Midnight Star (2nd Star novel) 1986 Topaz
Coulter, Catherine Midsummer Magic 1987 Onyx
Coulter, Catherine The Offer (Baron Regency) 1999 Signet
Coulter, Catherine Pendragon (Bride Series) 2002 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Rosehaven (Warrior's Song England) 1997 Jove
Coulter, Catherine Season Of The Sun (Viking) 1991 Onyx
Coulter, Catherine The Valentine Legacy (England) 1996 Jove
Coulter, Catherine The Wild Barron 1997 Jove
Coulter, Catherine The Wyndham Legacy 1994 Jove

Creel, Catherine The Reilver's Woman (England) 1997 Fawcett Crest
Creel, Catherine Texas Flame 1985 Zebra
Creel, Catherine Westward Angel (Oklahoma territory) 1995 Fawcett Crest
Cummings, Barbara Fortune's Fire (Revolutionary America) 1994 Zebra Lovegram

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Daheim, Mary Love's Pirate (Pirate) 1983 Avon
Dent, Roxanne Sweetwater Saga (Indian) 1979 Signet

Deveraux, Jude The Black Lyon 1980 Avon
Deveraux, Jude The Dutchess (Scotland) 1991 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude Eternity 1992 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude River Lady 1985 Pocket
Deveraux, Jude Wishes 1989 Pocket

Donovan, Sandra Mail Order Bride 2000 Zebra Splendor
Drake, Shannon Blue Heaven Black Night (Medieval England) 1995 Zebra

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Edwards, Cassie Rolling Thunder 1996 (Indian) Tpoaz
Edwards, Cassie Savage Bride (Indian) 1995 Leisure
Edwards, Cassie Savage Embers (Indian) 1994 Leisure
Edwards, Cassie Savage Secrets (Indian) 2000 Love Spell
Edwards, Cassie Savage Spirit (Indian) 1994 Leisure

Edwards, Jaroldeen Wildflower (Canadian frontiers) 1982 Dell
Ewing, Jean Ross Flowers Under Ice (Napoleonic Wars) 1999 Berkley

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Faulkner, Colleen Temptation's Tender Kiss (Revolutionary War) 1990 Zebra

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Graham, Heather Rebel 1997 Topaz

Garlock, Dorothy A Gentle Giving (Western) 1993 Warner
Garlock, Dorothy Forever Victorian 1993 Warner
Garlock, Dorothy Larkspur (Montana ranch) 1997 Warner
Garlock, Dorothy Love and Cherish (Kentucky Wilderness) 1995 Warner
Garlock, Dorothy With Hope (Oklahoma 1932) 1998 Warner
Garlock, Dorothy Yesteryear (Western) 1995 Warner
Grasso, Patricia Desert Eden (Arab pirate prince) 1993 Dell
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Haught, Jean Oklahoma Kiss (Western) 1989 Zebra
Hockett, Kathryn Cherokee's Caress 1990 Zebra

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James, Deana Lovefire 1985 Zebra $1.00
Johnston, Joan Captive (Regency era England) 1996 Dell
Jones, Kathy Wild Western Desire (Colorado) 1993 Zebra
Joyce, Janet Glorious Destiny (Western) 1985 Tapestry #71

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Kane, Kathleen Catch A Fallen Angel (Nevada) 2000 St. Martin's
Karr, Leona Nightfire 1990 Zebra Heartfelt
Keller, Kathy A Love Too Proud (Colonial) 1989 BMI

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Leigh, Elizabeth Prairie Ecstasy (Western) 1993 Zebra Heartfelt
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Marsh, Ellen Tanner Sable (Scottish) 1985 Jove
McMahon, Kay Bandits Brazen Kiss (Western) 1990 Zebra

Miller, Linda Lael Princess Annie (Castle prince) 1994 Pocket Star
Miller, Linda Lael Taming Charlotte (Ship) 1993 Pocket Star
Miller, Linda Lael Wanton Angel (Washington mining town) 1987 Pocket
Miller, Linda Lael Women Of Primrose Creek Christy 2000 Sonnet
Miller, Linda Lael Women Of Primrose creek Megan 2000 Sonnet
Miller, Linda Lael Women Of Primrose Creek Skye 2000 Sonnet

Morgan, Kathleen The Heather and the Thistle (Stottish) 1998 Zebra
Morgan, Lori Autumn Star (Washington Territory) 2001 Leisure
Morgan, Melody Abiding Hope (Ohio school teacher) 1999 Leisure
Murray, E.P. Savage Whisper 1985 Zebra $1.00

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O'Bannon, Constance Cheyenne Sunrise (Indian) 1990 Zebra
O'Bannon, Constance Enchanted Ecstasy (Indian) 1984 Zebra
O'Bannon, Constance Time Kept Promises 1988 Zebra
O'Bannon, Constance Time Kissed Destiny (Bermuda) 1987 Zebra

Orwig, Sara Texas Passion 1994 Zebra Lovegram
Orwig, Sara Warrior Moon 1995 Zebra Lovegram
Owen, Wanda Savage Fury 1989 Zebra $1.00

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Palmer, Diana Magnolia (Steamy South) 1997 Ivy Books
Parnell, Andrea Devil Moon (Arizona Frontier) 1994 Zebra Lovegram
Pelton, Sonya T. Love Hear My Heart (Missouri River) 1990 Zebra
Pelton, Sonya T. Love's Lost Angel (Texas Ranger) 1993 Zebra
Perry, Michalann Love's Windswept Embrace 1990 Zebra $1.00
Potter, Patricia Wanted (Texas Ranger) 1994 Bantam
Price, Eugenia Where Shadows Go (British) 1994 Bantam
Proctor, Candice Whispers Of Heaven (England) 2001 Ivy Books

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Quick, Amanda Rendezvous (London) 1991 Bantam Fanfare
Quinn, Julia The Viscount Who Loved Me (London) 2000 Avon

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Raddon, Charlene Tender Touch (Indian) 1994 Zebra Lovegram
Rae, Patricia Ways Of The Wind (Indian) 1984 Zebra
Ranson, Dana Dakota Destiny 1993 Zebra Lovegram
Riley, Sandra Bloody Bay (Pirate) 1980 Tower Books
Dark Of The Moon 1988 Avon
Roberts, Ann Victoria Louisa Elliott (Irish) 1990 Pan Books London
Rogers, Evelyn Surrender To The Night (London) 1991 Zebra
Rogers, Rosemary A Dangerous Man 1996 Avon
Ross, Dana Fuller The Holts #1 Oregon Legacy 1989 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller The Holts #3 Carolina Courage 1991 (Ex libray) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller The Holts #4 California Glory 1991 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller The Holts #5 Hawaii Heritage 1991 (Ex library) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller The Holts #6 Sierra Triumph 1992 (Ex library) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #1 Independence 1981 (15th Printing) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #2 Nebraska 1979 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #3 Wyoming 1979 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #4 Oregon 1980 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #6 California 1981 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #7 Colorado 1981 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #9 Washington 1982 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #10 Montana 1984 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #11 Dakota 1983 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #12 Utah 1984 (Ex libray) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #14 Missouri 1985 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #15 Mississippi 1985 (Ex library) Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #17 Tennessee 1986 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #18 Illinois 1986 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #13 Idaho 1984 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #20 Kentucky 1987 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #21 Arizona 1988 Bantam
Ross, Dana Fuller Wagons West #22 New Mexico 1988 Bantam

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Shiplett, June Lund Reap The Bitter Winds (American Past & England) 2nd in the series that began with "The Raging Winds Of Heaven" 1979 Signet
Sinclair, Cynthia Fair As A Rose (England) 1989 Pageant
Southwick, Teresa Winter Bride (Mail order bride Wyoming) 1995 Harper

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Taylor, Janelle Wild Is My Love (Castle prince) 1987 Bantam
Thompson, Victoria Sweet Texas Surrender 1991 Zebra Historical
Thompson, Victoria Winds Of Promise 1993 Zebra Lovegram Historical
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Valentine, Terri Storm Stranger (Russian aristocracy) 1995 Zebra Lovegram
Vaughan, Vivian Reluctant Enemies 1995 Zebra Lovegram Historical
Vaughan, Vivian Texas Gamble (Texas western) 1990 Zebra

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Wilde, Lauren Sweet Savage Splendor (Indian) 1993 Zebra
Wimberly, Clara Gentle Hearts (Civil War) 1996 Zebra Lovegram
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. The Flame and the Flower (London) 1972 Avon
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. So Worthy My Love (England) 1989 Avon

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