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Baldacci, David The Simple Truth 1999 Warner $1.25
Barclay, Ian The Crime Ministers 1984 Warner $1.25

Bernhardt, William Blind Justice (Corporate lawyer) 1992 Ballantine $2.00
Bernhardt, William Dark Justice (Courtroom) 1999 Ballantine $2.25
Bernhardt, William Naked Justice (Courtroom) 1998 Fawcett Golden Crest $2.25

Birmingham, Stephen The Wrong Kind Of Money (Liquor dynasty) 1997 Onyx $2.25
Brandon, Jay Rules Of Evidence (Criminal lawyer) 1992 Pocket $1.75
Brinkley, Joel The Circus Master's Mission (Foreign correspondent) 1990 Fawcett Crest $1.75
Black, Ethan The Broken Hearts Club (Psycho thriller) 2000 Ballantine $2.25
Burke, James Lee Cadillac Jukebox 1996 Hyperion $2.25

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Cannell, Stephen J. Final Victim (Psycho thriller) 1997 Avon $1.75
Carr, Caleb The Alienist (1896 serial killer) 1998 Bantam $2.25
Collins, Larry Maze (KGB CIA) 1990 Pocket $2.00
Connelly, Michael The Concrete Blonde (Serial killer) 1995 St. Martin's $2.50

Caunitz, William J. Black Sand (NYPD) 1990 Bantam $2.00
Caunitz, William J. Chains Of Command (NYPD) 1999 Onyx $2.25

Coughlin, William J. The Court 1999 St. Martins $2.25
Coughlin, William J. In The Presence Of Enimies (Legal thriller) 1994 St. Martin's $2.25
Coughlin, William J. The Judgement (Detroit PD) 1999 St. Martin's $2.25
Coughlin, William J. Shadow Of A Doubt (Trial Lawyer) 1993 St. Martin's $2.00

Cudlip. David Strangers In Blood (Murder Trial) 1986 Warner $1.75

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Davis, Patrick A. The General (Military Air Force) 1999 Berkley $2.25
Davis, Patrick A. The Passenger (Military Air Force) 2000 $1.25
Dee, Ed 14 Peck Slip (NYPD) 1995 Warner $1.25
Deighton, Len Spy Hook (Bernie Samson) 1990 Ballantine $2.00
Deighton, Len Spy Line (Bernie Samson) 1991 Ballantine $2.00

DeMille, Nelson Cathedral 1998 Warner $2.50
DeMille, Nelson Charm School (Cold War) 1989 Warner $1.75
DeMille, Nelson The Lions Game 2000 Warner $2.00
DeMille, Nelson By The Rivers Of Babylon 1990 Warner $2.25
Diehl, William 27 (Espionage) 1991 Ballantine $2.25
Diehl, William Chameleon (Espionage) 1982 Ballantine $1.25
Diehl, William Reign In Hell (Martin Vail lawyer) 1998 $1.25

Doctorow, E.L. The Waterworks (19th Century detective) 1995 Signet $2.25
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Fisher, David E. & Col. Ralph Albertazzie Hostage One (Techno) 1990 St. Martin's $1.75
Flannery, Sean False Prophets (Espionage) 1983 Charter Books $1.25
Folsom, Allan Day Of Confession 1999 Warner $1.75
Forsyth, Frederick Icon 1997 Bantam $2.25
Fox, George Warlord's Hill (Nazi) 1984 Fawcett Crest $1.25
Freedman, J.F. Key Witness (Corporate attorney) 1998 Signet $2.25
Frey, Steven The Insider (Wallstreet) 2000 Ballantine $2.25
Frey, Steven Takeover (Financial) 1996 Signet $2.25
Frey, Steven The Vulture (Wallstreet) 1996 Signet $2.25
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Gardner, John James Bond In Icebreaker 1984 Berkley $2.00
Glendinning, Ralph The Ultimate Game (Mass Murder) 1982 Jove $1.25
Goddard, Ken First Evidence (Criminal forensics) 2000 Bantam $2.25
Goldman, William Control (manipulating human mind) 1983 Dell $1.75

Grisham, John The Chamber 1995 Dell $2.50
Grisham, John The Frim 1992 Dell $2.50
Grisham, John The Pelican Brief 1993 Island Books $2.25
Grisham, John The Street Lawyer 1999 Island Books $2.50

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Harris, Thomas Red Dragon (Psychological suspense) 2000 Dell $2.50

Higgins, Jack Flight Of Eagles (WW2 intrigue) 1999 Berkley $2.25
Higgins, Jack Night Judgement At Sinos 1997 Berkley $2.25
Higgins, Jack Solo 1981 Dell $1.25

Hyde, Anthony The Red Fox (International thriller) 1986 Ballantine $1.50

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Kennedy, Douglas The Job (Corporate thriller) 1998 Hyperion $2.25

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Maas, Peter Underboss (Mafia non fiction) 1997 Harper $2.25
Mass, Peter The Valachi Papers (Mafia non fiction) 1969 Bantam $$1.25
Margolin, PhillipBurning Man (Courtroom) 1997 Bantam $2.25
Martini, Steve The Attorney (Paul Madriani) 2001 Jove $$2.50
Martini, Steve The Simeon Chamber (Lawyer adoption case) 1994 Jove $2.00

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Patterson, James 1st To Die (Psycho killer) 2002 Warner $2.00
Patterson, James Black Friday (Secret militia) 2000 Warner $2.25
Patterson, James Hide and Seek (Serial killer) 1996 Warner $2.50
Patterson, James Jack and Jill (Homicide cop) 1997 Warner $2.50
Patterson, James Kiss The Girls (Alex Cross) 1995 Warner $1.75
Patterson, James Midnight Club (New York cop) 1993Ivy Books $2.00
Patterson, James The Thomas Berryman Number 1996 Warner $2.00
Patterson, James Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross) 2002 Warner $2.50

Patterson, Richard North Degree Of Guilt (Courtroom) 1994 Ballantine $2.25
Patterson, Richard North No Safe Place (Presidential politics) 1999 Ballantine $2.00
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln The Relic (Museum murders) 1996 TOR $2.25
Preston, Richard The Cobra Event (Lone terrorist's attack on NYC) 1998 Ballantine $2.50
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Racina, Thom Hidden Agenda 1999 Onyx $2.25
Racina, Thom Secret Weekend 1999 Onyx $1.25
Reed, Barry The Deception (Legal) 1998 St. Martin's $2.25
Reed, Barry The Choice (Legal) St. Martin's 1992 $2.25
Reich, Christopher Numbered Account (Wall Street/finance) 1999 Dell $2.50

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Sanders, Lawrence The Case Of Lucy Belding 1983 Berkley $2.25
Sanders, Lawrence The Marlow Chronicles 1979 Berkley $2.00
Sanders, Lawrence The Ten Commandments (Adultry, greed, murder) 1992 Berkley $2.00

Sandford, John Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport) 2002 Berkley $2.50
Sandford, John East Prey (Lucas Davenport) 2001 Berkley $2.50
Sandford, John Eyes Of Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1992 Berkley $2.00
Sandford, John Rules Of Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1990 Berkley $2.00
Sandford, John Secret Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1999 Berkley $2.00
Sandford, John Silent Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1993 Berkley $2.00
Sandford, John Winter Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1994 Berkley $2.50

Saul, John Black Lightning (Serial killer) 1996 Fawcett Crest $2.25
Saul, John The Presence (Set in Hawai) 1998 Fawcett Crest $2.50
Sheldon, Sidney The Best Laid Plans 1998 Warner $2.00
Sheldon, Sidney Nothing Lasts Forever (Medical) 1994 $1.75
Sheldon, Sidney The Other Side Of Midnight 1977 Dell $1.00
Sheldon, Sidney The Naked Face (Psychoanalyst) 1981 Dell $1.00

Smith, Scott A Simple Plan 1994 St. Martin's $2.00
Starling, BorisStorm (Serial killer) 2000 Signet $1.25

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Tanebaum, Robert K. Act Of Revenge (NY Mafia Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 2000 Harper Torch $2.25
Tanebaum, Robert K. Immoral Certainty (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1992 Signet $2.25
Tanebaum, Robert K. Corruption Of Blood (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1996 Signet $2.25
Tanebaum, Robert K. Depraved Indifference (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1990 Signet $2.25
Tanebaum, Robert K. Irresistible Impulse (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1997 Signet
Tanebaum, Robert K. Material Witness (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1993 $2.00
Tanebaum, Robert K. Reckless Endangerment (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1999 Signet $2.25
Tanebaum, Robert K. Reversible Error (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1992 $2.25

Turow, Scott Presumed Innocent 1988 Warner $1.75
Truscott, Lucian K. IV Full Dress Gray (Military) 1999 Signet $2.25
Truscott, Lucian K. IV Heart Of War (Military courtroom) 1998 Signet $2.25

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Wambaugh, Joseph The New Centurions 1985 Dell $1.50
Wambaugh, Joseph The Secrets Of Harry Bright 1986 Bantam $1.50
White, Stephen Remote Control (Psychologist) 1998 Signet $2.25
Woods, Stuart Heat (Religionous cult) 1995 Harper $2.00
Woods, StuartM Orchid Beach (Major Holly Barker) 1999 Harper $2.00

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