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All books $1.50 unless otherwise marked.


Abbott, Jeff A Kiss Gone Bad 2001 Onyx
Adler, Elizabeth All or Nothing 2000 Island
Andrews, Russell Gideon (Secret that will change the world) 2000 Ballantine $1.00
Archer, Jeffrey Honor Among Thieves (Clinton Administration) 1994 Harper
Archer, Jeffrey Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less 1994 Harper
Archer, Jeffrey To Cut A Long Story Short (Short Stories) 2000 Harper Torch
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Barclay, Ian The Crime Ministers 1984 Warner $1.00

Barnett, Jill Sentimental Journey 2002 Pocket
Bernhardt, William Blind Justice (Corporate lawyer) 1992 Ballantine
Bernhardt, William Dark Justice (Courtroom) 1999 Ballantine
Bernhardt, William Naked Justice (Courtroom) 1998 Fawcett Golden Crest

Birmingham, Stephen The Wrong Kind Of Money (Liquor dynasty) 1997 Onyx
Block, Lawrence Hit Man 1999 Avon Twilight
Brandon, Jay Rules Of Evidence (Criminal lawyer) 1992 Pocket $1.00
Brinkley, Joel The Circus Master's Mission (Foreign correspondent) 1990 Fawcett Crest $1.00
Brown, Sandra Standoff 2001 Warner Vision
Burke, James Lee A Morning For Flamingos (Dave Robicheaux Novel) 1991 Avon
Burke, James Lee Cadillac Jukebox 1996 Hyperion
Burke, James Lee Dixie City Jam 1994 Hyperion
Burke, James Lee Jolie Blon's Bounce (Dave Robicheaux) 2003 Pocket Star
Burke, James Lee Purple Cane Road 2001 Dell

Burke, Jan Flight (Frank Harriman) 2002 Pocket Star

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Cannell, Stephen J. Final Victim (Psycho thriller) 1997 Avon $1.00
Canning, Victor The Kingsford Mark 1975 Charter $1.00
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Gangster 2002 Ballantine
Case, John The Genesis Code (Biomedical) 1998 Ballantine $1.00

Caunitz, William J. Black Sand (NYPD) 1990 Bantam
Caunitz, William J. Chains Of Command (NYPD) 1999 Onyx
Coughlin, William J. The Court 1999 St. Martins
Coughlin, William J. In The Presence Of Enimies (Legal thriller) 1994 St. Martin's

Coughlin, William J. The Judgement (Detroit PD) 1999 St. Martin's
Coughlin, William J. Shadow Of A Doubt (Trial Lawyer) 1993 St. Martin's

Coben, Harlan Gone For Good 2002 Dell
Collins, Larry Maze (KGB CIA) 1990 Pocket $1.00
Condon, Richard Mile High (Psychological) 1971 Dell

Connelly, Michael A Darkness More Than Night (L.A.P.D.) 2002 Warner Vision
Connelly, Michael Lost Light (L.A.P.D.) 2004 Warner Vision

Cook, Robin Fatal Cure (Medical) 1995 Berkley
Cook, Robin Godplayer (Medical) 1984 Signet
Cook, Robin Mutation (Medical Thriller) 1990 Berkley
Coonts, Stephen America (Jake Grafton) 2002 St. Martin's
Coonts, Stephen Cuba 2000 St. Martin's
Coonts, Stephen Final Flight (Jake Grafton) 1989 Dell
Coonts, Stephen The Intruders (Jake Grafton) 1995 Pocket
Coonts, Stephen The Red Horseman (Jake Grafton) 1994 Pocket
Coonts, Stephen Saucer 2003 St. Martin's

Crichton, Michael A Case Of Need (Writing as Jeffery Hudson) Signet
Crichton, Michael Airframe 1997 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael Congo 1993 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael Five Patients (Medical) 1989 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael The Lost World 1996 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael Rising Sun (Japanese murder in downtown L.A.) 1993 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael Spere 1988 Ballantine
Crichton, Michael The Terminial Man 1988 Ballanitne

Cudlip, David Strangers In Blood (Murder Trial) 1986 Warner $1.00

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Daley, Robert Hands Of A Stranger 1986 Signet
Davis, Patrick A. The General (Military Air Force) 1999 Berkley $1.00
Davis, Patrick A. The Passenger (Military Air Force) 2000 $1.00
Deaver, Jeffery The Coffin Dancer 1999 Pocket
Deaver, Jeffery The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme) 2002 Pocket
Dee, Ed 14 Peck Slip (NYPD) 1995 Warner $1.00
Deighton, Len MaMista (South America Marrxist) 1992 Harper
Deighton, Len Spy Hook (Bernie Samson) 1990 Ballantine $1.00
Deighton, Len Spy Line (Bernie Samson) 1991 Ballantine $1.00

DeMille, Nelson By The Rivers Of Babylon 1990 Warner
DeMille, Nelson Cathedral 1998 Warner
DeMille, Nelson Charm School (Cold War) 1989 Warner
DeMille, Nelson The Gold Coast (Wall Street/Mafia) 1991 Warner
DeMille, Nelson The Lions Game 2000 Warner
DeMille, Nelson Up Country (Vietnam) 2003 Warner

Diehl, William Chameleon 1982 Ballantine

Doctorow, E.L. The Waterworks (19th Century detective) 1995 Signet $1.00
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Elkins, Aaron Loot (Nazi) 1999 Avon
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Fisher, David E. & Col. Ralph Albertazzie Hostage One (Techno) 1990 St. Martin's $1.00
Flannery, Sean False Prophets (Espionage) 1983 Charter Books $1.00
Follett, Ken The Hammer Of Eden (Extreme group of eco-terrorists) 1999 Fawcett Crest
Follett, Ken Hornet's Flight 2003 Signet
Folsom, Allan Day Of Confession 1999 Warner $1.00
Ford, Steven The Protocol (Medical) 2000 Berkley
Forsyth, Frederick Icon 1997 Bantam $1.00
Fox, George Warlord's Hill (Nazi) 1984 Fawcett Crest $1.00
Freedman, J.F. Key Witness (Corporate attorney) 1998 Signet $2.00
French, Marilyn Our Father 1995 Ballantine $1.00
Frey, Steven The Insider (Wallstreet) 2000 Ballantine
Frey, Steven Takeover (Financial) 1996 Signet
Frey, Steven The Vulture (Wallstreet) 1996 Signet
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Gardner, John James Bond In Icebreaker 1984 Berkley $1.00
Garrison, Paul Buried At Sea 2002 Harper Torch
Gerritsen, Tess Harvest (Medical) 1997 Pocket
Glendinning, Ralph The Ultimate Game (Mass Murder) 1982 Jove $1.00
Goddard, Ken Bale Fire 1984 Bantam $1.00
Goddard, Ken First Evidence (Criminal forensics) 2000 Bantam $1.00
Goldman, William Control (manipulating human mind) 1983 Dell $1.00
Gould, Heywood Fort Apache The Bronx (41st Precinct rookie cops) 1981 Warner
Graham, Heather Hurricane Bay 2002 MIRA
Greeley, Andrew The Cardinal Sins 1981 Warner
Green, George Dawes The Juror 1995 Warner $1.00
Gregory, Sarah The Best Defense 1999 Signet
Grisham, John The Chamber 1995 Dell
Grisham, John The Frim 1992 Dell
Grisham, John The King Of Torts 2003 Dell
Grisham, John The Pelican Brief 1993 Island Books
Grisham, John The Street Lawyer 1999 Island Books
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Harris, Thomas Red Dragon (Psychological suspense) 2000 Dell $1.00

Higgins, Jack A Season In Hell 1990 Pocket
Higgins, Jack The Eagle Has Flown (Third Reich) 1991 Pocket
Higgins, Jack Flight Of Eagles (WW2 intrigue) 1999 Berkley
Higgins, Jack Solo 1981 Dell

Hoffman, William Tidewater Blood 1999 Harper Choice

Hunter, Stephen The Day Before Midnight 1990 Bantam
Hunter, Steven The Master Sniper 1996 Island Books
Hunter, Steven Pale Horse Coming (Arkansas Thebes State Penal Farm) 2001 Pocket Star
Hyde, Anthony The Red Fox (International thriller) 1986 Ballantine $1.00

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Kennedy, Douglas The Job (Corporate thriller) 1998 Hyperion $1.00

Koontz, Dean R. Demon Seed 1997 Berkley
Koontz, Dean R. Lightning 1989 Berkley
Koontz, Dean R. Phantoms 1983 Berkley
Koontz, Dean R. Strangers 1986 Berkley

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Ludlum, Robert The Cry Of The Halidon 1996 Bantam
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Maas, Peter Underboss (Mafia non fiction) 1997 Harper
Mass, Peter The Valachi Papers (Mafia non fiction) 1969 Bantam
Margolin, PhillipBurning Man (Courtroom) 1997 Bantam $1.00
Martini, Steve The Attorney (Paul Madriani) 2001 Jove
Martini, Steve The Simeon Chamber (Lawyer adoption case) 1994 Jove

McCullough, Clint Nevada (Casino) 1987 St. Martin's
McGarrity, Michael Hermit's Peak (Investigation in America SW) 1999 Pocket
Morrell, David The Fraternity Of The Stone 1986 Fawcett Crest
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Oster, Jerry Sweet Justice (NYPD "Redford & Newman" cops) 1986 Charter
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Parker, Robert B. Death In Paradise (Jesse Stone) 2002 Berkley

Patterson, James Along Came A Spider (Alex Cross) 1993 Warner
Patterson, James The Beach House 2003 Warner
Patterson, James Black Friday (Secret militia) 2000 Warner
Patterson, James Kiss The Girls (Alex Cross) 1995 Warner
Patterson, James Roses Are Red 2001 Warner
Patterson, James Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross) 2002 Warner

Patterson, Richard North Degree Of Guilt (Courtroom) 1994 Ballantine
Patterson, Richard North No Safe Place (Presidential politics) 1999 Ballantine
Pileggi, Nicholas Wise Guy Life In A Mafia Family (non fiction) 1987 Pocket
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln The Relic (Museum murders) 1996 TOR $1.00
Preston, Richard The Cobra Event (Lone terrorist's attack on NYC) 1998 Ballantine $1.00
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Racina, Thom Secret Weekend 1999 Onyx $1.00
Reed, Barry The Deception (Legal) 1998 St. Martin's $1.00
Reed, Barry The Choice (Legal) St. Martin's 1992 $1.00
Reich, Christopher Numbered Account (Wall Street/finance) 1999 Dell $1.00
Robbins, Harold The Storyteller 1987 Pocket

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Safire, William Spy 1997 St. Martin's $1.00

Sanders, Lawrence The Case Of Lucy Belding 1983 Berkley
Sanders, Lawrence The Marlow Chronicles 1979 Berkley
Sanders, Lawrence The Ten Commandments (Adultry, greed, murder) 1992 Berkley

Sandford, John Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport) 2002 Berkley
Sandford, John The Devil's Code (Kidd & LuEllen) 2000 Berkley
Sandford, John Easy Prey (Lucas Davenport) 2001 Berkley
Sandford, John Eyes Of Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1992 Berkley
Sandford, John The Fool's Run 1996 Berkley
Sandford, John The Hanged Man's Song (A Kidd Novel) 2003 Berkley
Sandford, John Mortal Prey (Lucas Davenport) 2003 Berkley
Sandford, John The Night Crew (Lucas Davenport) 1998 Berkley
Sandford, John Rules Of Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1990 Berkley
Sanford, John Silent Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1993 Berkley
Sanford, John Sudden Prey (Lucas Davenport) 1997 Berkley
Saul, John The Homing 1995 Ballantine
Saul, John The Manhattan Hunt Club 2002 Ballantine
Saul, John The Presence (Set in Hawai) 1998 Fawcett Crest
Shagan, Steve Vendetta (X-rated queen murders) 1987 Bantam

Sheldon, Sidney The Best Laid Plans 1998 Warner
Sheldon, Sidney Nothing Lasts Forever (Medical) 1994
Sheldon, Sidney The Other Side Of Midnight 1977 Dell
Sheldon, Sidney The Naked Face (Psychoanalyst) 1981 Dell

Sloan, Susan R. Guilt By Association (psychological suspense) 1996 Warner
Smith, Martin Cruz Polar Star (Moscow Russia) 1990 Ballantine
Smith, Scott A Simple Plan 1994 St. Martin's
Stewart, Fred Mustard The Titan 1986 Pocket

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Tanebaum, Robert K. Immoral Certainty (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1992 Signet
Tanebaum, Robert K. Corruption Of Blood (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1996 Signet
Tanebaum, Robert K. Irresistible Impulse (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1997 Signet
Tanebaum, Robert K. Material Witness (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1993
Tanebaum, Robert K. Reckless Endangerment (Butch Karp NYC D.A.) 1999 Signet
Turow, Scott Presumed Innocent 1988 Warner
Truscott, Lucian K. IV Full Dress Gray (Military) 1999 Signet
Truscott, Lucian K. IV Heart Of War (Military courtroom) 1998 Signet

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Wallace, Irving The Second Lady (U.S. 1st lady abducted by Soviets in Moscow) 1981 Signet/Ace

Wambaugh, Joseph The Blooding 1989 Bantam
Wambaugh, Joseph Finnegan's Week (San Diego police detective) 1994 Bantam
Wambaugh, Joseph The New Centurions 1985 Dell
Wambaugh, Joseph The Secrets Of Harry Bright 1986 Bantam
White, Stephen Remote Control (Psychologist) 1998 Signet
White, Stephen New York Dead (Stone Barrington) 1992 Harper
Wiltse, David Bone Deep (FBI Agent John Becker) 1996 Berkley
Woods, Stuart New York Dead (Stone Barrington) 1992 Harper
Woods, Stuart Orchid Beach (Major Holly Barker) 1999 Harper
Woods, Stuart The Short Forever (Stone Barrington) 2003 Sigent
Woods, Stuart Under The Lake (Set in North Georgia Mountains) 1999 Harper
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